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App Design, App Conceptualization, App Prototype

Do you and your partner struggle to agree on what to eat? A food delivery app meets Tinder with the style inspiration of Airbnb to create DinnerDate, an app that eliminates the stress around planning a date night. You and your partner each take the quiz, swiping left on the food you don’t want, and right on the food you do want. DinnerDate will then match you with all the foods you and your partner agree on. DinnerDate then delivers the fresh dinner ingredients to your home for you and your date to prepare together. Included is the LateDate Shop where you can add last-minute items to your order, and a social feature where you can send a date request or a referral to a friend. This app is filled with rose-tones and food-themed icons to get you in the mood for your next date night.

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